Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot, Saturday April 30th – May 1st, 2016


By: Adam Kraut, Esq. – MASF Member

The Stone Mountain Machine Gun shoot is the culmination of collaboration between The Shooters Gauntlet and the Firearms Industry Consulting Group. It was designed to bring a world class machine gun shoot to the Northeast as well as include industry participation to expose attendees to the newest firearms and accessories on the market.

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The Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot is happening Saturday April 30th – Sunday May 1st 2016 in Monroeton, PA. The property features two ranges for the event. On one mountain there is a dedicated range for machine guns. On the other is a range dedicated to silencer manufacturers so that the attendees can experience the thrill of shooting suppressed firearms.

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With 1500 pounds of exploding targets, a car to blow up, a tank, rumors of a flame thrower and the additional activities available to attendees (zip line shooting experience, inversion wall, assault hike, and an 1100 yard range to shoot a Barrett on) this event is not one you’ll want to miss.

There are a number of vendor attendees hosting giveaways which include:

  1. Dead Air Silencers is giving away a Mask
  2. Alpha Dog Silencers is giving away TWO Alpha 9 Silencers
  3. B5 Systems is giving away Gripstops, stocks and more
  4. Lancer Systems is giving away some things
  5. Magpul Industries is giving away Pmags
  6. 2A Armament is giving away a Ti Gas Block, Ti Takedown Pins and Ti T3 Compensator
  7. Other vendors will have giveaways too


Vendor attendees include:


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As the sponsors of this event are extremely supportive of the youth-shooting experience, we worked tirelessly with NUMEROUS insurance carriers to obtain coverage for minors to be able to attend. While initially we had to inform attendees that individuals under the age of 18 could not attend, just today,insurance was obtained that will permit minors to attend the event, where those 14 years of age and older accompanied by a parent/guardian will be permitted to shoot, except for machine guns and canons. Those under 14 year of age, who are accompanied by a parent/guardian, will only be permitted to observe. Unfortunately, due to the requirements of the insurance carrier, all minors will have to produce a Government document (e.g. birth certificate, passport…etc) stating their date of birth.

If you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for?!?! The admission cost is drastically reduced for those registering in advance and you’ll receive updates and notices about special events, shooting experiences and local hotel deals.

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Be sure to share this event with your family, friends and anyone you know who loves guns!

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