MASF hosts Steve “Yeti” Fisher of Sentinel Concepts for Women’s Pistol class at MASF HQ Range September 11th 2016


MASF – Modern American Shooting & Firearms hosts Steve “Yeti” Fisher of Sentinel Concepts at MASF HQ aka our home range for this Private by invitation only event, “Mothers/Wives/Girlfriends Pistol class”.

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20160911_132929The attendees consisted of my wife, several of what she affectionately refers to her “Mommy friends” and other invited MASF members.

Steve Fisher previously taught a shotgun class here and many of the women attending today’s pistol class had attended that class as well. This pistol class came about because all of the women from the previous shotgun class expressed their desire to learn pistol from Steve and he simply said, “Let’s make it happen.”s3fHow many instructors/teachers volunteer to teach a class and drive from Michigan to Virginia to help out a friend? Someone who truly cares about getting people trained and teaching them how to defend their lives. Steve is much more than an instructor/trainer/teacher, he is a friend, a brother, family.

Out of the 14 Women students, 3 of their husbands stayed (with Steve’s permission) to be the labor force so the ladies could concentrate on training IE help carry the equipment and guns, prep the range, staple targets, get water, clean the range and pack up.20160911_132849

(From Steve’s Sentinel Concepts Website)
A women’s only one-day class perfect for the brand new shooter or novice alike. Our focus is on establishing safe gun handling and manipulation skills, marksmanship fundamentals, range etiquette and situational awareness with a gun in hand. Learn to safely and confidently handle, load, shoot and clear malfunctions should they arise. Because so many women own and shoot a gun for personal and home defense we will incorporate real world skill builder exercises that put the training and theory into the context of your personal life.

Ammunition Requirement: 300 rounds

Required Gear: Eye and ear protection, high collared weather appropriate shirt, long pants, range appropriate foot wear. Center fire gun of choice, three magazines, IWB/OWB holster of choice (see exceptions below). Ball caps are recommended but not required.

Gear Restrictions: For the purposes of maintaining a safe training environment no Flashbang or other bra holster, cross draw shoulder holsters, ankle or back carry holsters are allowed. Serpa holsters are strictly prohibited. – Steve “Yeti” Fisher

The day ended with many of the women breaking up into smaller groups and sharing their info amongst each other to make time to go to the range and/or go gun shopping together. A handful of them are planning to take the NRA basic pistol and apply for the concealed handgun permits. My wife and a few of her friends are taking another local class in October with John Murphy of FPF Training.

A testimonial from one of today’s students, a dear family friend, Mother of 3 and an accountant by trade:

Virginia Fredericks
Virginia Fredericks

“Spent some time on the range preparing to defend myself and my children if the need should ever arise. It felt very “fitting” to have an urge to protect on this day when so many people lost their lives. Many prayers for the victims and their families today. God Bless them!” – Virginia FredericksSpecDiveLogoToday Sunday September 11th 2016 on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, we spent the day on the range with family, friends and loved ones learning to take responsibility and how to protect their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

14 mothers, wives and girlfriends gathered here at MASF – Modern American Shooting & Firearms HQ to take a Handgun class taught by our brother Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts

A reminder of the great country we live in and the awesome freedom we have on this day of remembrance. Please stay safe and remain vigilant. Godspeed -B

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Google Voice # 702-907-YETI

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