MASF’s Civilian Carry Mindset Seminar 2017


MASF’s Civilian Carry Mindset Seminar 2017

WHEN – Saturday August 26th, 2017 (10am – 5pm)

WHERE – Lovettsville Game Protective Association

Address: 16 S Berlin Pike, Lovettsville, VA 20180

***Only 200 Seats Available, purchase your ticket NOW before we are sold out***

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We are bringing together some of the best local trainers and subject matter experts to bring you a day filled with knowledge. Topics will range from mindset, daily concealed carry, law, justified shootings and much more!

Not only will you be expanding your horizon on self-defense but the fee is going towards a charity to help spread the word on the importance of self-defense for citizens.

We have 7 awesome speakers lined up (in alphabetical order) for 5 hours of knowledge and a 1 hour open panel discussion at the conclusion of their presentations.

VA Senator Dick Black (USMC Veteran), Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman (Former DEA), Philip Van Cleave (VCDL), Brett Harnish (USMC Veteran currently Green Ops), Attorney Daniel L. Hawes (Virginia Legal Defense), Nathan Murr (USMC Veteran, currently Kinetic Developement Group), Rob Tackett (USMC Veteran, currently Critical Carry Firearms Training and TacStrike Steel Target Systems)

We will also break for 1 hour for lunch. There are 4 local restaurants within a 2 miles. (Andy’s Mediterranean, Rosco’s, Lovettsville Pizzs and Subs AKA Chuck’s and Thaiverse. There is also a 7-11 right down the street)

All attendees are eligible to be entered in multiple door prizes. Some of our sponsor donated items include XP-15 DELTA – 5.56 beautifully accessorized out by KDGTrijicon MRO® – 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot with Low Mount, TacStrike SteelPMAG® D-60™ AR/M4 5.56X45MM NATO, Green Ops One Day Class, FPF Training One Day Class (John Murphy) and too much more to list! (Winners will be announced at the end of our event, you must be present to win and must pass all requirements to transfer ownership with valid ID via VA state laws and background checks which will be done on site with our FFL sponsor)

Gen4 MASF T-Shirts will be available for sale. Ladies, per your request we will have v-necks!

Senator Dick Black

Elected to the Virginia State Senate Nov 8, 2011 to represent the 13th Senate District which includes Loudoun and Prince William Counties.

As a member of the House of Delegates for 8 years, Delegate Dick Black
received Legislator of the Year Awards from National Right to Work and the Family Foundation.

In Vietnam, Dick Black flew 269 helicopter missions and was wounded in ground fighting with the 1st Marine Regiment. As a JAG lawyer, he was a career prosecutor and ran the Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon.

Dick Black has a proven record of cutting taxes and promoting job-creating small business. He has 100% ratings from the National Federation of Business, Taxpayers Alliance, Family Foundation, and an A+ rating from the NRA.


Sheriff Michael Chapman

Mike Chapman was elected Sheriff, Loudoun County, VA in 2011 and took office January 2012. He was reelected in 2015, and began his second term in January, 2016. He directs operations for the largest full-service office in the State of Virginia which handles county-wide law enforcement, the jail and our courts. The Sheriff’s Office employs approximately 800; 600 sworn deputies and 200 civilian personnel. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office serves a population of 350,000 and an area of
519 square miles.
Sheriff Chapman formerly worked for the Howard County Maryland Police Department in the Divisions of Patrol, SWAT and Criminal Investigations; and for the DEA as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Northern District of California; as Acting Regional Director of the Far East; as DEA’s Chief of Public Affairs; as the Country Attaché for Seoul, Korea; as a Supervisor in McAllen, Texas; and in field assignments in Miami, Tampa, and Pakistan. In the private sector, Sheriff Chapman worked as a Subject Matter Expert on the Global Security/Law Enforcement team with Booz Allen and Hamilton.


Philip Van Cleave 

Philip Van Cleave is the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), an organization dedicated to advancing the basic human right of self-defense and firearms ownership.  He was first elected to that position in 2001.
As VCDL’s president, he has been interviewed countless times by the media and has appeared on national news shows such as 60 Minutes, Nightline, Fox News, and many more.
In 2004 VCDL successfully got a law passed in Virginia that eliminated almost all local gun control.  For that endeavor, VCDL was given the Grassroots Organization of the Year award and Philip was given the Gun Rights Defender of the Month award at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.
Philip is an NRA certified instructor and a certified firearms instructor for Utah, Illinois, and Maryland and has taught hundreds of students.
He has had extensive tactical firearms training at PFT in West Virginia and served as a volunteer deputy sheriff in Bexar [pronounced like “bear”] County, Texas for six years in the 1970s.
He loves shooting and does so regularly as a way to both sharpen his skill set and to relax.
Phillip has both a Masters and Bachelors degree in computer science and owns a small software company.



Brett Harnish


-DCJS Private Security Services Firearms Instructor for Patrol Rifle and Advanced Handgun
-NRA Law Enforcement Instructor in Pistol & Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, and Tactical Shooting
-NRA Training Counselor (Home Safety, Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Rifle and Shotgun)
-FLETC Firearms Instructor Program FITP
-Contract Security Services Instructor for U.S. Government
-CQB Range Safety Officer in Skills for Leaders in Advanced Marksmanship “SLAM” course
-Full-time Firearms Instructor, U.S. Border Patrol (1.5 years)
-Marine Corps Range Coach Marksmanship Instructor, MOS 8531
-Artillery Officer, enlisted infantry U.S. Marine Corps (8 years)
-Former DCJS Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Instructor (3 years)
-Former law enforcement officer, 12 years (federal and local)
-MEUSOC deployment


Attorney Daniel L. Hawes

Admitted to practice before The Virginia Supreme Court and all other Virginia state courts, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts of the Eastern District of Virginia.

Practicing law principally in the areas of defensive litigation and trials in civil and criminal cases; special interest in intentional torts and in particular issues relating to accusations of business related wrongdoing other than discrimination in employment; also interested in serious criminal allegations and civil and criminal matters relating to the ownership, possession, and use of firearms and weapons, and matters relating to data communications and computer technology.


Nathan Murr

Nathan Murr began shooting firearms as a child, under the watchful eye of his father and grandfather. His love of firearms was not limited to just shooting them, he was fascinated by the design, history, design evolution and laws behind them. As a child, he opposed the Brady Campaign and the infamous “Assault weapons ban.” As a 12 year old, he watched as magazines for his 10/22 went from $14.00 to $90.00 practically over night. And it was this in this moment, that he knew that he would spend the rest of his life fighting against those that will oppose and manipulate our revered Constitution. Shortly before his award of Eagle scout in the Boy Scouts of America, Nathan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. This was just before the towers fell on 9/11, and he watched as many Americans responded to this brutal attack by answering their nation’s call to service. He deployed numerous times to the Middle East and Africa, and is a multiple-time combat veteran. His service and experience has greatly shaped his mindset, and has instilled the desire to continuously improve himself, and those around him. Nathan has gone on to invent several products that are used by many of our military’s most elite forces, Law enforcement officers and locked on civilian shooters. He is a published writer for a collection of magazines and websites, to include Recoil, OffGrid, Soldier Systems Daily, and He currently works as the Director of Business Development for Kinetic Development Group, and is heavily involved in the company’s product development. Nathan fiercely believes in supporting the 2nd Amendment, and in helping those who are on the same path achieve excellence in firearms safety, proficiency, and defense.


Robb Tackett

In 2015 he founded Critical Carry Firearms Training as South West Virginia’s premier firearms training instruction. Early in 2015 the decision was made to leave his position as Lead Instructor at a internationally recognized shooting school and pursue a solo career closer to home focusing on the needs of the shooters in this area.

His Career started in 1990 when he joined the United States Marine Corps and serving until 1996 as a Combat Engineer. In 1997 he became an apprentice instructor with the firearms training industry icon Pat Goodale (PFT) and after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 moved to the Hampton Roads area and worked as a lead instructor for a civilian military contractor. During this time he worked with many thousands of sailors on weapons use and close quarters battle applications for their new focus in better shipboard/base security.

This led the way for him to work with many of the Hampton Roads LE agencies, even writing and teaching the first Tactical Rifle Program for the VA DCJS. In 2004 he deployed overseas and worked in various security, training and support positions as a military contractor working with other civilians, US Military and Foreign Military units
alike. Returning in late 2009 to start a family, he went back to work as the Senior Instructor for Pat Goodale where he continued to hone his instructional methods.

To this day he continues to train in various disciplines with a goal of 125 hours or more per year as a student along with 10-15 hours per week in focused study/range time. As such his programs are under constant scrutiny and he doesn’t get caught in the institutional inertia that plagues so many schools and organizations.


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