MASF was started on July 15, 2011 with a very simple goal, to make gun education and training accessible to everyday people. The result of gun education is safety and proper mindset. We started locally and these past 4 years we have spent many weekends and long nights in our efforts. We realized during this time that we have a tremendous amount of support behind us in our mission and to bring all these efforts together a non-profit organization was our next step. We want our fellow Americans to be able to receive the education and training that they desire but sometimes cannot afford. We believe that your station in life should not dictate whether or not you should be able to protect yourself and to be safe. We have come to see that a lot of people we have encountered these past 4 years simply do not have the financial means to invest in their personal safety and the education it takes to learn to protect themselves and to be safe.

With our Charity we plan to create a “scholarship” like program where individuals can submit an application which will include a background check as well as their financials. We will then process these applications and based on the needs of the student we would be able to provide them what they are in need of (safety gear, ammo, holsters, tools, training fees, etc).

Here’s a scenario: There is a single mother of 3, we will call her Jane. She works full time to support her family and there is no way she could afford a gun, afford a training class nor could she afford the time off from work to learn to be proficient with the gun. She leaves early every morning and returns home after dark and prays she and her kids make it into their home safely. We will take applications from individuals like Jane. On her application she will explain in a short essay her reasons for wanting to own and train with a firearm. We will run the appropriate background screening to make sure she is in good standing with the law and is mentally stable. We will run her financials to make sure she qualifies for our program. We will then schedule a class for her and get her trained so that she will be able to defend her home, herself and her children. This is just one example.

His name could be Joe and he lives by himself and legally owns a gun but can’t afford any classes to educate himself on how to properly use the gun to he owns. He’s scared to carry the gun, but then again he’s scared to walk through his neighborhood without it. He sends in an application. We vet him and set him up with training to receive the education he needs. In the end, he is now confident he can protect himself and his home. The examples are endless.

We intend to work with quality, well vetted, teachers/trainers/instructors across the United States to get proper Firearms Safety | Education | Training | Mindset to the people who need it, everyday law-abiding citizens like you.

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Please watch this short video to see what we are about The first annual EDC conference hosted by Rockwell Tactical in PA 

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